Punching Dolphins

Custom Microphone Recordings

Our custom 3d microphones recording techniques provide a unique and one of a kind depth to the recordings. 

3d Audio Recording Services

Acoustic Space Recordings


If your looking for acoustic archivals we gotcha covered. We specialize in the acoustical capture of historical places and preserve them digitally. These can be used in the DAW. (Reverbs)

Outdoor Recordings


If your looking to capture sounds outside we gotcha covered. Our recordings sound like you are there but without the wind problems.

Live Venue Recordings


If your DJ or band and want to capture your live set with the crowd as if you where there we gotcha covered.  We will capture both live and booth feeds and piece it all together for you.

Field Recordings


If you have a need to capture some field recordings for a game, movie or sound library we gotcha covered. 

Orchestral Recordings


If your working on a film or maybe performing with your orchestra and need a life like capture of the performance we gotcha covered.

About Our Live Recording Process

Recording Rates

As much as we would love to have a set price for recordings we don't. 

Each recording situation is different and requires different setups. Contact us about what your recording needs are and we can sort it out.