"Punching Dolphins has a particular sound... one that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s why we love coming to them with our records. Every single time we use their services our records are taken to that next level... it’s a difference you have to hear for yourself!" 

- Slander

Steven Haddad


“Punching Dolphins are my go-to mixing and mastering engineers. Always delivers quality work, and are fast and reliable. Never disappoints!” 

- Steven Haddad, manager for NGHTMRE, SLANDER, JOYRYDE, and BENNY MAYNE



“Punching Dolphins is my go-to guys when I need an extra set of ears to mix down my tracks. The more we work together the better it gets!” 


Beyond Studios


"Punching Dolphins has consistently elevated our records to a new level. Always tweaking their methods of madness to get both a quality dynamic sound, with a presence that competes with anything on the radio today. We know when we are mixing that our sonic signature will be preserved, and enhanced." 

- Zack Dawson/Grammy Nominated Beyond Studios



"Punching Dolphins knows how to take our records to the next level and honestly they bring our tracks to life. Their skill is bar none the best in the game and without their polish, we feel like our tracks would be lacking something. A song isn't truly finished until they get their hands on it."        

- Q&A



“There are mastering engineers, and then there is Punching Dolphins. The quality and power of their masters is second to none. I don't send my music to anyone but them. ”  

- Haterade



"Punching Dolphins did an amazing job on our records. The before and after speaks for itself and we could not be happier. Great customer service and easy to work with."        - NinaReed



“Working with Punching Dolphins has been everything you would expect from awesome and extremely hard working engineers. Their unique method and approach allows you to be apart of the mastering process and really get your voice in on what you pay for at the end of the day, a GREAT master!   Whatever your looking for in a master, you'll find it here!” - JVNK 

Slow Shiver


"I've never had another experience where someone is just as meticulous about getting it right.

-Slow Shiver

Rae Okino


"Punching Dolphins made the mastering process so easy, they were professional, fast, and followed my notes precisely. My records sound so awesome now thanks to these guys and their custom rig." 

-Rae Okino

Benny Mayne


"Punching Dolphins brings my music to life. I won't put out a song until they have touched it. They always deliver quality mixes and masters fast and that's why I always go back." 

-Benny Mayne



"Punching Dolphins is our go-to! As artists, we've realized that it can be a struggle finding people who really understand your vision/sound and can add to it instead of forcing you to make a compromise. We love working with these guys for this very reason, and more! Whenever we send a track over, we can guarantee that it will come back better than when we sent it. Not only are they timely and professional, but they also really care, which truly makes a difference in the outcome of the final product!"   


Wake the Wild


"Punching Dolphins killed it with the master! We are insanely picky with our mastering sound and they went above and beyond with new bounces and improvements within hours of us sending notes. Total pleasure to work with and the final tracks sound awesome!”  

-Wake the Wild

Bret James


" I’m extremely picky when it comes to the mastering process. It was hard to trust anyone to do the job right until I met the dudes at punching dolphins. They are hands on and will get your song to sound better than you could have dreamt. They deliver always. It’s hard to find dudes that actually care about the artist but these guys do and always will work with you and make sure you get the results your looking for. So much love for these guys. Ride or die. " 

-Bret James

Leah Culver


"Punching Dolphins is definitely the way to go hands down no question! Their skill level is unmatchable and I always love the results after running my songs through their gear! If you're considering getting some mastering done look no further! You've found your guys!" 

-Leah Culver



"I can always depend on Punching Dolphins for an incredible master! The guys are my favourite :)"




"Punching Dolphins have made miracles on my records lately, I always like to bring an extra set of ears on my records before releasing them and they never disappoint! The masters are loud and punchy and always super clean!” -Habstrakt

Pauline Herr

"Punching Dolphins consistently brings incredible life to all of my music. I always look forward to sending off my records to them because they NEVER disappoint. On top of being musical wizards, these guys are so quick and reliable. Thanks to them I never have to worry about the final product and I’m so grateful for that. So much love for you both. :)    <3 P"